lDavid Norman PhD MEng MIET

IElectronic Design Engineer

I've been working on electronics projects for over 12 years. I hold a 1st class MEng in Electronics Systems Engineering and a PhD in Interrogation of Optical Fibre Sensors. After my studies I moved to Germany to develop electronics for IPTV set-top-boxes, gaming hardware and photonic sensor systems. I returned to the UK in 2010 to work on electronic motor control systems for aerospace applications. In March 2013 I started working on a range of robotic development kits, USB interface devices, LED lighting products and electronic artwork in both the UK and Germany.

                                                                  ..... Technology Solves Problems
Electronic design from initial concept through prototyping, production and manufacture
Microcontroller Programming
• Hardware Development
• Digital Logic Verification
• Embedded Systems
• Man-Machine Interfacing
Embedded Device Drivers
• PCB Design
• Optical Sensing
• GUI Development
• Prototyping
Product Testing
• Technical Writing

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